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Here's our growing list of Ceramic sites to visit.

Anagama Anagama: Wood-fired Stoneware from Shigaraki. Shigaraki is situated in the heart of the Japanese Islands, and is one of the six oldest pottery centers in Japan. The work featured here comes primarily from Anagama style kilns, the oldest style kiln in Japan. 
Burnt Earth Here you can view and listen to unique ceramic musical instruments created and built by Northern California musician and instrument builder Barry Hall. 
Carolnia Clay  The ultimate Web source for North Carolina Potters. 
Circle in a Square Pottery We are locally known as Circle-in-a-Square Pottery and this is our Home on the Internet. Our pottery is available on this site for retail purchase (finished), and we can supply information on wholesale purchases upon request. 
Clay Times Magazine  Clay Times is designed to inform ceramic enthusiasts at all levels of the latest developments in the clay world, while providing useful information and techniques to help our readers learn and grow in their individual pursuits in clay. 
Claynet A non-profit forum for International Ceramic Art on the Web. 
CrafWeb Home Page The CraftWEB Project online community creates the opportunity for professional craftspeople, craft organizations and people interested in crafts to meet, share information and promote fine crafts worldwide. 
Digital Fire  Software for the pottery, porcelain, sanitary ware, tile, glass, and structural products industries since 1980. Also information and articles for Potters. 
Mary Law Pottery Mary Law has been making pots since 1968, specializing in functional and decorative pots, primarily for food and flowers. The pots shown here are representative of her work, mostly one-of-a-kind pieces. 
Strictly Functional Pottery National The Seventh Annual Strictly Functional Pottery National © physical exhibit ended May 30, 1999. However, the images will remain online through April 2000.
The Ceramics Web San Diego State University Ceramics Web page 
Virtual Ceramics An exhibition of contemporary Ceramics


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